October 29, 2017



“How’d you learn how to do that?  Ask any sound guy, regardless of age, and the answer will usually be the same.  Most of us learn production either on our own or by bumping into other people who do it too.  It’s a learn as you go kind of job.  That can be tough when you’re supposed to mix every weekend!

Part of our mission at Access Audio is to provide opportunities for our customers to learn about their craft.  We offer classes on the technology and the creativity that are a part of your everyday work.  Our classes have helped develop volunteer teams, taught worship bands how to get the best soundcheck, and filled in the blanks for engineers on the basics of live sound.  Whatever your needs, we can develop a course to meet them.  Just ask!

Our past courses include:

  • Live Sound Basics
  • Microphone Techniques
  • Mixing Monitors/In-Ear Monitoring
  • Digital Consoles
  • Developing the Volunteer Team
  • Line Check/Soundcheck 101

Classes are offered at your facility, where we can help you and your staff understand the components and operation of your sound or lighting system in your home court.  Classes are tailored to your specific equipment and address your specific problems.

Want to get your hands on the latest gear or see what’s possible?  Take a class in our fully equipped classroom and then head out to the warehouse and make some noise.  We often host classes by manufacturers introducing new products and techniques.

The possibilities for learning are endless and you’ll find our experienced, high-energy trainers will keep you engaged in hands-on education.  Contact us today for more information.