Earset Microphones

A big part of our work is keynote speakers at events and miking musical theater.  As you might imagine, earset microphones are something we keep a pretty good eye on.  Earset (or headworn) microphones have quickly taken the place of lavalier microphones.  The earset puts the microphone closer to the source, increasing gain before feedback.  Many pastors prefer earsets because they allow them to have their hands free as opposed to a handheld.  We have two main microphones in our rental inventory to meet these needs:

For years, we’ve been using the ubiquitous Countryman E6 earset microphone, with relatively good results.  It’s a solid performer and we have many in our rental inventory.  We’ve chosen the directional version of the E6, which is designed for even more gain before feedback in noisy or loudspeaker-intensive spaces. Because we’re often operating on stages with monitor wedges, this has been a good choice for us.  The E6 is virtually invisible when in use and is easy to adjust to various users.  It features a detachable cable and adjustable pattern through the use of microphone caps.  Our E6 units are pinned for Shure wireless with a Switchcraft TA4F connector and are available with our SLX, ULX, and UHF-R wireless units.

Our inventory also includes the Audio Technica BP892 subminiature omnidirectional headworn condenser. Delivering clear and accurate sound in an inconspicuous package, the ultra-lightweight BP892 hooks securely behind either ear and can be worn for hours without fatigue. The BP892 features a flat, extended frequency response and other outstanding performance specifications, resulting in extremely intelligible, natural audio for stage and television talent, lecturers and houses of worship. Protected by a highly durable Parylene coating, the new headworn mic is built to stand up to the rigors of day-to-day use.

We’ve recently added the Shure MX153 earset microphone to our inventory as well.  The MX153 came to us as a demo mic from our Shure rep, and is honestly one of the few pieces of gear we’ve fallen in love with on the first date.  Out of the box, it sounds great, without much of the aggressive EQ that seems to come with earset microphones in general.  The sound was full and natural, with solid gain before feedback.  The capsule of the MX153 is a bit bigger than the E6, which worried us at first.  But, once the speaker hit the stage, it was virtually unnoticeable.  The earset is very easy to place on the performer and keeps its location well.  Delivering exceptional speech clarity, the discreet, low-profile MX153 is ideal for corporate presentations, houses of worship, A/V conferencing, and live sound reinforcement.

We’re a big believer in trying things out, which we will continue to do.  If you’re searching for a ear set microphone solution, please don’t call us for a test drive as well.  With over a dozen earsets in our inventory, we’re here to help with your next rental too.  Call us.  Let’s talk.