Access Audio Provides Audio, Lighting, and Power for Wyoming’s Haunted Trail

We’ve done a lot of long events, but Wyoming’s Haunted Trail is really long…literally. When the City of Wyoming needed to transform over 2500 feet of walking trails into a spooktacular evening for kids, they called on Access Audio.  We were thrilled to get involved and up to the challenge.  We provided sound, lighting, effect, and power distribution rental for the event.

Our lighting complement included Chauvet Professional LED fixtures along the entire trail. The SlimPar Pro RGBA was a good choice for general color washes, while the SlimPar Pro VW was our choice for white.  These fixtures made sense because of their high output, cool operation, and low current draw.  We also debuted the new Chauvet AmHaze II hazer, which did a great job. Additional effects were supplied with Martin Professional (USA) foggers and several strobe lights.  Our staff had to move quickly, setting up the lighting during the daylight hours and quickly tweaking it after the sun went down.

On the audio end of things, we distributed QSC powered loudspeakers along the trail, hidden within the tree line. Each speaker received a separate mix from Apple Logic, which provided a seamless audio experience that blended throughout the trail. Speakers were supplied with audio using Shure PSM900 and UHF-R as a point-to-point wireless system.  This reduced set-up  time and cable runs, which were both a concern.  The system worked as planned and is definitely something we will use again.

Overall, the entire event was a success. The gear worked perfectly, but more importantly, our staff was great. It’s a tough load-in and even harder to load-out in the dark and cold. Our guys did great as usual.  At Access Audio, we like coming up with creative solutions that meet our customers needs.  Judging by the screaming kids, it’s safe to say we did it!