Wireless Microphone Rental Cincinnati

Access Audio is your source for wireless microphone rentals and sales in the Cincinnati area, and with our most recent additions, our inventory is stronger than ever!

This month we placed an additional eight channels of Shure QLX-D digital wireless into our rental inventory.  QLX-D delivers outstanding digital wireless sound for live events and installations.  QLX-D is a 24-bit digital product, so it sounds better than older analog wireless units that rely on companding to transmit their signal.  It’s also extremely efficient in the RF spectrum, which enables you to get more channels in less air space.  Recent changes by the FCC have made finding available wireless mic channels harder than ever.  QLX-D also features an all metal chassis and optional rechargeable batteries.

Our new addition only adds to our robust wireless microphone inventory.  When renting your wireless systems from Access Audio, you’ll find feature such as:

  • Professional UHF wireless systems including Shure UHF-R, QLX-D, and SLX
  • Antenna distribution systems that simplify your antenna and power wiring
  • A wide arrange of handheld capsules, including SM58, Beta 58, and KSM9
  • Earset microphones including DPA, Point Source, Shure, and Countryman
  • A full range of beltpack accessories including lavaliers, instrument cables, XLR adapters, and adapters to other brands
  • Active directional UHF antennas with integrated amplifier for improved wireless signal reception
  • Networked wireless microphone systems that enable you to monitor and control wireless systems from any location
  • iPad control of wireless microphone systems that put your entire inventory at a glance
  • Rechargeable batteries and drop-in transmitter charging
  • Knowledgeable staff that assist you with wireless microphone selection and set-up

So, the next time you need a single wireless microphone for a luncheon, or dozens of channels for you school play, make Access Audio your first call.  Call us with more demanding wireless needs too.  We like challenges like point to point wireless, remote antennas, and more!  Bottom line:  We’re experienced with wireless and will design the system that works for you.  You’ll draw from an inventory that is second to none.  We’ll help you install it and set it up.  We’ll answer the phone if you need some help.  Give us a call today to see how we can help you.

Ready to purchase a wireless microphone? We can help there too.  Access Audio is your Cincinnati dealer for nearly evey brand of professional wireless and we’d love to help you with your needs.