Cincinnati Lighting Rental: Young Life Buckeye Region Leader Weekend 2020

Volunteer youth leaders from across Young Life’s Buckeye Region–comprised of Central Ohio, Southern Ohio, and Northern Kentucky–recently gathered at the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio for a weekend of worship, fellowship, and learning. Access Audio was honored to once again support their annual Leader Weekend event with audio,video, and professional lighting.

The stage lighting included a backdrop of the versatile Chauvet Professional Epix Strip Tour LED strip lights. For this production, the strip lights were staggered and angled in a triangle-formation that came to a peak in the center, drawing the audience in without causing distraction. Beneath the strip light installation was a row of Elation Professional  Colour Chorus 48 fixtures adding a cool, subtle glow behind the band. Martin Mac Viper Profile moving lights provided key light and complemented the musical performance. Our grandMA2 console orchestrated it all from front-of-house with precise and reliable finesse.

In addition to the worship band, Leader Weekend featured an engaging lineup of speakers who relied on our Shure PSM900 bodybacks and Shure ULXD wireless microphones for their message to be heard. Audio issues can often cause a major hindrance in an audience’s ability to focus on the content of a presentation, and our team of skilled sound technicians worked diligently behind the Yamaha CL5 Digital Mixer to ensure the entire weekend flowed seamlessly.

Attendees in the rear of the main ballroom and each of the overflow rooms had a clear view of what was happening on stage thanks to our video team working behind the scenes on our custom video flypack to stream all of the action onto projector screens via a Barco Projector.

It is our privilege to play a role in this important and inspiring weekend that builds into servant leaders. We look forward to seeing it grow and evolve each year and we welcome the creative challenge of providing excellent production value to match.Have an event coming up? All of the equipment mentioned here, as well as rigging, power, effects, and more, is available in our rental inventory, and our team of craftsmen offer support in everything from delivery to operation. Contact Access Audio today and learn how we can partner with you to bring your vision to life.

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