Cincinnati Socially Distant Live Events

As summer approaches, the itch to gather and celebrate returns! In 2020, we saw graduations, birthdays, concerts, and more cancelled or postponed. But we also saw so many of our customers get creative and adapt with the challenges COVID-19 presented. Thanks to our Absen PL3.9 Pro LED Video Wall and powerful audio system set-ups, we were able to help customers execute live events in a safe, COVID compliant manor. The video wall allowed spectators to spread out or even remain in their cars while still being able to see their graduates walk across a stage, while our sound system and FM Transmitter capabilities provided ample volume and sound quality. From drive-in events to spaced-out, socially-distant events, the show went on.

In summer 2021, we are (thankfully) seeing a return to “normal” or pre-pandemic live events, though we expect many to still be “COVID cautious.” Either way, we believe that some adaptations from 2020 have shaped the future of live events for the better. We hope to see the LED video wall continued to be used in creative ways that engage audience members and help them connect with music and speakers on a deeper level and move performances and events from memorable to unforgettable.

As you plan your summer events with a lingering pandemic and production experience in mind, check out a few ways we used our Absent PL3.9 Pro Video Wall and PA systems to carry on live events in Cincinnati throughout 2020, and contact us if you’re interested in renting!


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