Access Audio Sends Shure Products to Haiti

Access Audio is pleased to provide Shure SM58 microphones and quality mixers to the the Restavek Freedom Foundation. The mission of Restavek is simple and easy to get on board with. They’re going to end child slavery in Haiti in our lifetime.

Restavek has begun a song competition in Haiti that encourages young people to write and perform original songs that address the issue of child slavery. Think American Idol. To say that the events have taken off is an understatement… to date over 9000 Haitians have participated!  These events have spilled out of churches into parks, causing audio to become an issue.  The Shure SM58 was an obvious choice, due to its rugged durability and great sound.  We coupled it with the SCM268 mixer for a simple system that could interface with other gear already in place.  As the vent grows, the need for simple, yet quality sound systems will grow with it.  We expect to augment the gear with some QSC K-series powered speakers and more.

The best thing about this project was spending some time with the staff of Restavek Freedom, listening to their story, watching videos of the the young people performing, and learning about the incredible ministry being done in Haiti.  We’re excited to be a tiny little part of things and hope that the opportunities for involvement grow.  Please get to know the Restavek Freedom Foundation and consider how you might get involved.  Find them on Facebook and Twitter too.

We’ve always prided ourselves on providing the best sound systems in Cincinnati.  Sending that quality to Haiti for such a great cause just made sense.