LED Video Wall Rental Cincinnati

When 100% of our summer event line-up was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, it was hard to imagine how Access Audio, and many in our industry, would stay afloat. We kept at it anyway; we used our downtime to invest in new video gear, dive into streaming technology, and learn new skills. We adapted, and thankfully our customers did as well. We said “yes” to new ideas and collaborated on creative solutions to help our customers continue reaching their clients from a distance. Our customers continue to overcome the obstacles and call on us for support (which supports Access Audio in return). It is not lost on us how incredibly creative and generous the people we get to work with are.

This past weekend at Access Audio was completely booked thanks to our amazing customers. On Friday night, we supported both Crossroads Mason campus and Florence campus in their Drive-In Worship Nights. At Mason, we set up two Absen LED video wall screens which streamed the worship taking place on the roof which allowed every car and family an uninhibited view of the action. We also provided PTZ camera rental and Roland video switcher rental.

As a worship event, clean audio that reached every audience member was of the highest priority. Access Audio provided Shure wireless mic rentals and Yamaha CL5 Digital Mixer rental, as well as all necessary power and rigging support.

We cannot thank our customer enough for sticking with us and continuing to innovate and think outside the box alongside us. It’s not what we imagined our summer events looking like, but we are thrilled to be out there helping communities gather safely. If you have an idea for your own business or ministry, we’d love to talk about how Access Audio can support you in bringing that idea to life. Send us a message here and a member of our team will be in touch ASAP. We will get through this together!

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