Cincinnati LED Video Wall Rental

LED Video Wall
Cincinnati LED Video Wall Rental
LED Video Wall Cincinnati

Cincinnati LED Video Wall Rental

Access Audio is pleased to announce the newest addition to our rental inventory and AVL services: the Absen PL3.9 Pro Indoor/Outdoor LED Video Wall!

At a pixel pitch of just 3.9mm, this high resolution video wall boasts high brightness technology and extreme contrast. And with a 65/54, the Absen PL3.9 is perfect for outdoor events, rain or shine.

We love this LED Video Wall for its versatility–whether you need to make a statement with a business display or you’re putting on a concert, this will enhance your event and expand your visual reach.

In these strange and challenging times for live events and large group gatherings, we are excited by the countless opportunities the LED Video Wall will provide our customers in the way of safe, socially-distanced services, ceremonies, concerts, and more. If you’re brainstorming how to bring people together safely right now, a drive-in style event is just one of the solutions we’ve already helped several customers execute. Send us a message with your ideas–we’re embracing our mission of creativity and innovation now more than ever, and we’re happy to talk you through how we can make your vision work!

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