Access Audio Is Your Source for Sensaphonics

Need In-Ear Monitors? Access Audio is now a a dealer for Sensaphonics, one of the best names in IEM’s. One of the things we love about Sensaphonics is their commitment to hearing conservation in addition to quality sound. If you’re not using IEM’s in your church, they’re definitely something to look into. IEM’s can greatly reduce the volume coming off the stage, which cleans up the main mix as well. We find that musicians play better when they’re using them too. Best of all, you reap these benefits while protecting your hearing.  For more information on the benefits of IEM’s, click here.

Sensaphonics has a full range of earphones, including double and triple-driver models. They also offer the 3D Active Ambient system, which allows you to hear your monitor mix while mixing in a selectable level of on-stage ambient sound — all while keeping your ears acoustically sealed. Guitarists can hear their amps acoustically. Drummers can hear their full kit naturally. Vocalists can interact with the audience. Finally, IEM users “get their ears back” while retaining the advantage of controlled isolation from extreme volume.

If you’re already using Shure earphones, such as the SE535, SE425, or SE315, we offer custom molds to fit them.  It’s a great way to get the Shure sound (and price) with a custom fit.

Need earplugs?  Check out the ER Series high fidelity earplugs, which were developed specifically as hearing protectors for musicians and production personnel who are exposed to unsafe sound levels. Unlike the muffled sound quality produced by over-the-counter earplugs, the ER Series is specifically designed with music in mind, making them perfect for concert-goers as well. ER Series earplugs give balanced sound reduction with very little disruption of frequency response. Definition of mid and high frequencies can be heard clearly for a safer, yet truly musical listening experience.

Access Audio has partnered with a Cincinnati-based audiologist who is trained in the silicone molding process.  Contact us to get your hearing tested and your ears fitted for some new Sensaphonics products today!  Your ears will thank you.